Taking care of your skin with natural remedies

People who are keen on making sure that their skin always has that radiating glow will leave no stone unturned in getting the desired results.  However, it may not be wrong to see that people are always being convinced by the advertisements that they’re coming across on the television or the newspapers.  They came to give your skin a massive makeover in a matter of no time at all.  However, if that was to be completely true, everybody would be walking around with the bright glowing skin.  Trusting artificial cosmetic products is the worst mistake that anybody can make.

People are not completely aware of the fact that all the remedies that they’re looking for is there right inside their own house.  For example, try out the following remedies and see how your skin will be looking ten years younger in a matter of no time at all:

Here are the tips for taking care of your skin with natural remedies.


Wash your face in true way

Wash your face in true way

The skin is always in a state of requirement where the damage cells need to be repaired. Each time you go out, your skin is subject to all the harsh temperature and pollution.  If you do not give it a proper scrub, it is likely to stick on.  Therefore, use a herbal soap and give your face a good cleaning with cold water.


Neem leaf paste

Neem Leaf applying on face.

Use Neem leaf paste and leave it on your face for ten minutes. Wash it off and then head to bed.


Ice cube rubbing on face

Icing on face using ice cube.

Take ice cubes and rubbing them on your face is a good idea to help the skin feel cool



Curd and Lime are best for skin caring

Use curd and lime on the face and that will make sure that all the dirt can be removed extremely easily



Taking steam at home

You can also decide to give yourself a steam bath. Fill up a bucket with boiling water and then dip your head into it in such a manner so that the scheme that is coming out of it comes and hits your face.  If you want, you can use a double above your head in order to make sure that you prevent the steam from escaping.


Tea leaf rubbing on face

Tea leaf

A lot of skin specialists say that the remains of tea leaves are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is unwise to put it inside a hanky and make a bag out of it to rub it on the skin.  Also, moisturizing and exfoliation are some of the various benefits which are derived by using techniques like these.


Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy

Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy

A lot of the effort that goes into making the skin look beautiful is as a result of the food that people tend to consume. The more oily and fatty the food that you consume, the more you are likely to have a skin that is not going to look all that beautiful.  Incorporate some green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet so that your body gets the required amount of nutrition and proteins.  Try to have lots of green tea because it is said to be high in antioxidants.

These home remedies are said to be extremely beneficial because not only do they get the desired results but also lacked any form of artificial ingredients which may have the possibility of side effects.



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