Simple Steps To Use Banana Peel For Acne

Anti acne treatment

Face is the first thing people notice in you. A clear, fresh face is a confidence booster in itself. When such a great asset of confidence gets speckled with acne, it brings you down.  The normal tendency is to wash face often, apply anti-acne creams or go to the dermatologist and get medication. But use of chemical laden cream and medicines will only cause further damage to skin and health. There are simple ingredients from the kitchen that can help you keep acne at bay.

The magic ingredient under discussion is banana peel. This is a simple home remedy if followed on a regular basis not only makes the acne disappear but also will prevent them from sprouting again. It is inexpensive, easy to follow and can be done any time of the day.

Anti acne treatment

Magic of Banana Peel

The peel of the banana is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also contains, potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. These nutrients reduce skin inflammation and also make acne disappear.

  1. Choose the right banana – The banana has to be ripe having a yellow peel with black dots. You have to see that the peel does not have green tips, which means the banana is raw. Over ripe banana with a black skin also is a big no-no.
  2. Save the peel – Peel the banana and save the peel. Cut them in to smaller pieces so that it is not too big.
  3. Prep the skin – Whenever you are using a facemask or face treatment, it is very important to prepare your skin. Wash the skin with a mild cleaner and cold water. Pat, dry the face.
  4. Massage the peel on the acne –Now take a small piece of the banana peel and gently massage it on acne. You have to take care that the inner side of the peel is used to massage the skin. The peel must be rubbed lightly on the acne for atleast 10 minutes. If the peel turns back after rubbing then discard that piece and take a fresh one. Continue massaging over acned area on the face.
  5. Rest the skin after Massage – Do not wash your face immediately after the peel treatment. Longer you rest the skin better it is. The nutrients are absorbed well and start acting on the acne. If you need to clean the face clean it at least after an hour or so. For better results you can massage the skin with banana peel before bedtime and leave it over night.
  6. Avoid moisturizer – After the treatment when you wash the face, avoid using a moisturizer. If it is winter or you have a dry skin then apply moisturizer avoiding the acned areas.
  7. Continuity – This treatment must be done everyday for atleast 4-5 days to eliminate the acne completely. Even after the acne is gone, if you regularly massage the banana peel on the face, it will control fresh acne from sprouting.

Banana peels are also excellent remedy for warts, bug bytes and to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Say good-bye now, to expensive chemicals or steroid laden creams and medications for acne and go bananas!



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