Quick Exercise benefits for a good health

We are all aware of the fact that exercise requires physical effort which can help to maintain or enhance the overall physical fitness of an individual and also boosts his mental fitness. Besides, it also helps to improve his general health and keep him away from illness. Here we go for Exercise benefits for a good health.

Exercise can be broadly classified into three types like light exercise, moderate exercise and vigorous exercise.

  • Walking is a kind of light exercise in which the exerciser can even talk to others.
  • Brisk walking and moderate cycling are moderate exercises when the exerciser feels slightly out of breath.
  • Running, fast cycling are examples of vigorous exercise when the body is pushed to its maximum limit.

Exercise benefits

Apart from the above, exercise can also be of the following kinds:

  • Aerobic exercises which help to improve the oxygen circulation in the body and is a moderate kind of exercise done for a longer period.
  • Anaerobic exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and improves the body power. This is a high intensity exercise done for a short period.
  • Agility training helps in improving the capacity of a person to maintain his balance and control. This is highly beneficial for sports personnel.


Exercises can offer various physical and mental benefits if they are done properly and under able guidance of experts:

  • They can keep one free and relaxed from the tensions and worries of daily life and can promote his happiness and well being.
  • They can help to reduce both physical and mental stress and provide relief.
  • Regular exercises can improve one’s self-confidence and offer a positive outlook.
  • They can develop the performance of the brain and enhance memory power.
  • They are capable of distracting an individual from his addiction towards drug or alcohol.
  • Exercises can give you better sleep and can keep you fresh and energized so that you are more productive.
  • Regular exercises control obesity by burning 113 to 150 kcal per day.
  • They reduce blood pressure, improves blood circulation and functioning of the heart thus controlling heart diseases.
  • Exercise also reduces blood sugar and stimulates bone growth.
  • Those who do regular exercises are more active, fit and healthy and are less prone to diseases.

But, it should also be kept in mind that exercises should be done only after considering the physical condition of an individual and his ability in order to achieve the best results.



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