Playing Tetris could Help to Reduce Cravings for Drug Food and Sex

Reduce Cravings

A new study has revealed that the Tetris puzzle game for less than three minutes might help reduce drug cravings in a time – cigarettes, alcohol and coffee – food, sex and sleep in about one-fifth.

Tetris, the player has to molded plastic tiles rotate blocks on the screen in random sequences fall to create a horizontal line without gaps.

Researchers established at the University of Plymouth and the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, to investigate the relationship between Tetris and desirable tendencies.For the study, 31 students who have been promoted through text recruited 18 to 27 in age, seven times a day News about any concerns to report they felt. A total of 15 participants is required to play Tetris on an iPod three minutes before their anxiety levels again.

During the seven-day study found that play to Tetris, drug cravings, food, sex and sleep by 70 percent to 56 participants decreased played Tetris cent.Of, cravings were as requested in 30 percent of cases, taken with food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Jackie Andrade, principal investigator of the study, explains: “We believe that the effect Tetris occurs because desire is to introduce the consumption experience of a particular substance or in a certain activity of a game engage visually interesting as Tetris mental activity which occupied Images support. it is difficult to find anything clear and play Tetris imagine everything. “

He added: “People play the game an average of 40 times, but it seems that the effect of this discovery may disappear important because an intervention that only works because it was new and unusual services would decrease over time know that subscriber. the. ‘

The study was published in the journal Addictive behavior.



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