Open Mouth Sleep is Bad for Teeth Like a Fizzy Drink – By Journal of Oral Rehabilitation

Open Mouth Sleep is Bad for Teeth

Scientists says Open Mouth Sleep can be as harmful to teeth like soda.

The report has been published according to a study Journal of Oral rehabilitation, breathe with mouth open protective saliva kills acid-producing bacteria dried.

Snorers beware Рyour sleep habits may be hurting more than the eardrums of your bed partner. & Open Mouth Sleep is Bad for Teeth Like a Fizzy Drink.

With the mouth open sleeping damage to teeth than sugary drink before bedtime can cause, a study from New Zealand.

Therefore oral weakened immune system, open mouth sleepers and people with sleep apnea have an increased risk of dental erosion and tooth decay.

The pH in the mouth should be neutral to slightly acidic 6.6 to 7.7, but reduced when the sleeper’s mouth has open scientific study.

The installation of 10 healthy participants with intelligent parts of the mouth and nose pliers, oral pH levels in some cases reduced to a glaze and erosive acid 3.6.

The survey is in line with the dentists observations that patients with insomnia or breathing are more cavities.

Cavities in sleeping mouth tend open towards the back of the mouth to be worse, as this area first loses moisture.

Men are more likely to be affected, as the survey, nearly one-third of the mouth breathers found against only 5 percent of women.

Joanne Choi, a sleep specialist at the University of Otago, who led the study, He said: “This study is the first in an ever intraoral monitor pH changes in healthy persons during several days.

“Our results adherence the idea that oral breathing may actually be a causative factor of dental diseases, such as enamel erosion and tooth decay.”



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