Nutrition For Healthy Teeth

Nutrition for Healthy Teeth

Did you ever think that your teeth require nutrition? Yes, like all the parts of the body, teeth also need nutrition in correct amounts. Just cleaning of the mouth will not do. Not getting the right nutrition might cause various teeth ailments.

Here are some ways to provide you good Nutrition For Healthy Teeth :

Proper intake of food

healthy breakfast for teeth
Proper nutrition is very important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Proper diet is an integral part of dental care. Foods, which enhance the process of tooth decay, should be avoided strictly. Natural or processed sugar is the most harmful agent for teeth. Retentive sticky foods like caramels, toffees, raisins, candies, etc. are not diluted by saliva and stick on to the teeth causing cavities. Wafers and chips are also retained to the tooth for quite long contributing to tooth decay.

Children should be encouraged to eat fruits in whole rather than in the form of juices. Carbohydrates should also be given to them in the natural forms (as far as possible). Biting and chewing the food helps in cleansing and stimulating the teeth greatly. Homemade beverages like buttermilk, squashes, Lassi etc. can be easily given to the kids. They are not only nutritious, but also take care of the teeth.

Avoid Crash Diets

Avoid Crash Diets
Dieters, who rely on crash diets, have a tendency of developing deficiencies in vitamins, proteins, minerals and calcium. Lack of Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12 and calcium leads to tooth decay and cavities. Consuming diet pills has reverse effects as it may reduce saliva flow in the mouth and increase acid levels in the mouth leading to cavities.

Vitamin Intake

vitamins for healthy teeth
Vitamin intake in correct quantities helps in fighting dental cavities, gum diseases and bad breath. Vitamin C, flavanoids and coenzyme Q10 are powerful antioxidants, which protect the gums against damage and helps in the healing process. Vitamin C is very crucial for healthy teeth. This vitamin helps in producing collagen. Collagen helps the teeth become resistant to bacterial infection and penetration. Healthy capillaries are also maintained by Vitamin C. This helps in maintaining healthy oral tissues. Other oral health problems can also come up due to the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body like, swollen and bleeding gums, loss of teeth etc.

Along with all this, proper oral care is also very important for healthy teeth. You must brush your teeth after every meal or after eating anything. This prevents the formation of plaque. You must brush your teeth at least twice daily with clinically tested toothpaste. A little care and awareness can protect you from tooth ailments and you can have beautiful and shiny teeth.



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