Maternal Diabetes,Obesity During Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Autism in Child

Obesity During Pregnancy

A new study reveals:  Obese mothers during pregnancy were nearly twice as likely, a child with autism than those who weigh less. Now show new results in the journal Pediatrics that obesity and diabetes during pregnancy can almost four times the risk.

Statistics show that nearly one in every 68 children have autism spectrum disorders (ASD), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Maternal Diabetes,Obesity During Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Autism in Child: During the study, the researchers analyzed data from nearly 3,000 mother-child pairs were at the Boston Medical Center 1998 to 2014 followed the results showed that about 64 percent of the children were diagnosed with a disorder were developing were diagnosed during 102 children with ASD while 137 were found to have an intellectual disability (ID).

“Our research shows that the risk of autism begins in the utero,” said co-author Daniele Fallin, Ph.D., Director of the Department of Mental Health at the Bloomberg School and director of the Center Klag said Wendy autism and mental retardation. “It is important for us now try to figure out what the combination of obesity and diabetes is potentially afford sub-optimal for the health of the fetus.”

Researchers believe that the link between autism and maternal health remains uncertain, hormones, inflammation and nutrients that can be associated with diabetes, the risk of health problems that can affect the brain, increasing fetus.



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