Lowering your cholesterol without medication, myth or reality?

Lowering your cholesterol

If you suffer from cholesterol this page may interest you. Today, many nutritionists claim that cholesterol can be tackled without taking those half a dozen multi coloured pills. But how true is this? Can you really get off your pills, and take control of your cholesterol levels with a few changes in your lifestyle?

Well the answer is a yes and a no. If your cholesterol levels aren’t too high and you have not been on medications for several years, yes you can control cholesterol with a few modifications to your current lifestyle. However, if you are a chronic patient, you may still have to pop those pills after each meal. The reassuring part however is that, the following tips will help you better in managing your cholesterol levels, whether you have just been diagnosed or are a chronic sufferer.

A healthy and balanced diet that has little or no saturated fats will help in bringing down your bad cholesterol levels. Simply follow the below mentioned tips:

Lowering your cholesterol.

Make changes to your diet:

Make changes to your diet

Reduce your cholesterol by following this diet.

As much as you may be tempted to eat those poached eggs and meat, exercise some restrain. Egg yolks, certain meats and dairy products that are high in fat, can further deteriorate your health. Instead, eat more whole grain food like oats and barley. Also include other healthy food like salmon and nuts and see your LDL levels go down!

Begin exercises:

Begin exercise for reducing cholesterol level

Begin exercise for reducing cholesterol level

A lethargic lifestyle contributes to high cholesterol levels. Ditch the elevator, take the stairs. You do not need to run a marathon. Simply spend a few minutes each day in performing exercises that get your heart rate pumping. Even a long walk every morning, will contribute towards better health and lower cholesterol levels.

Drop a few pounds:

Drop a few pounds for reducing cholesterol

Drop a few pounds for reducing cholesterol

We know this is easier said than done. Doctors worldwide, suggest that being overweight can negatively affect your cholesterol levels. If you drop a pound or two, you can see the same happening with your LDL levels.

Quit smoking:

quit smoking helps you to lower your cholestrole level

quit smoking helps you to lower your cholestrole level

Your mother was right about smoking! It does more harm than good. And if you suffer from cholesterol you are better off the sooner you quit. Quitting this vice will instantly improve your HDL levels. A recent study suggested that in barely half an hour from the time you quit smoking, your BP as well as heart rate, will come down!

If you are still not happy with your cholesterol levels after incorporating these changes, you can also try some natural supplements that help regulate cholesterol levels. Niacin, artichoke leaves and any supplement that is high in fibre is bound to work wonders!



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