Latest Technique Found by UK Scientists to Combat Cancer Cells

Latest Technique to Combat Cancer Cells Found by UK Scientists

This technique is “mitopriming” that was developed as a research tool to try to understand how cancer cells die. Mito-priming can identify new drugs that are used to treat cancer, to detect its efficiency.

UK scientists have discovered a new way to fight cancer tumor cells by drug addicts who kill them in minutes.

According to the research paper, BH3 mimetics are a hopeful new class of anticancer drugs tumor cells specifically designed to kill. They are called to a family of proteins Bcl-2 proteins that keep directed serve the living cancer cells. Although not yet in use in clinical practice, the BH3 mimetic cancer drugs are promising in advanced clinical trials, especially in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Stephen Tait, lead author of the paper, said. “Mito-primer can be used to rapidly screen new BH3 mimetic anti-cancer drugs and other, and should enhance ways to kill cancer cells can also be used to BH3 define the power and specificity mimetic quickly.” Finally, the technology enable us to support how drug resistance occurs, which does not happen in the first place to avoid this allows us, he added.

By the Tait “Currently, there is great zest in the Bcl-2 protein in the fight against cancer and no new thresholds techniques in future targeting,”. Scientists have Mito-primer designed equal amounts of protein and Bcl-2 protection in toxic cells.

“The cells of this state are very sentient to the prohibition of the protection function of BCL-2 BH3 mimetic, such that within a few minutes of narcotic die,” Tait said.



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