Higher Fiber Diet may Protect Lung Function

Higher Fiber Diet may Protect Lung Function

Lung disease is a serious health problem, it is important to identify modifiable risk factors for prevention.

According to a new study Eating Higher Fiber Diet may Protect Lung Function.

There were however identified by very little smoke prevention strategies. increase intake of fiber can be a convenient and effective way for people who have an influence on the risk of lung disease.

The researchers found that 68 percent of people had the highest fiber intake (about 18 grams or more per day) with the lowest fiber intake, compared with 50 percent of those of normal lung function. And only 15 percent of those who ate a restriction of the airways in fiber, but 30 percent of those with the lowest fiber intake were, according to the study.

Those with a higher intake of dietary fiber were also better in two large breath tests. They had the largest capacity of the lungs and can breathe more air per second, according to the study.

Although the link between dietary fiber intake and improving the health of the lungs found that not prove cause and effect, was developed.

However, if the results are confirmed in further studies, public health campaigns ever target fiber diet and the safe and cost-effective ways to prevent lung disease.

Previous research has suggested that a high-fiber diet protects against heart disease and diabetes, and that fiber reduces inflammation in the body, according to the researchers.



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