Foods that Trigger Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

‘Look at the size of that stone!’ said the Bridesmaid to the Bride. The size of the rocks speaks about the love you have for your partner. But not all stones do the same, especially not kidney stones. A kidney stone, also known as anephrolith or renal calculus, is a solid piece of material which is formed in the kidneys from minerals in urine. The best known medicine for kidney stones is drinking, water I mean.

But in this following passage we will cover the list of food that you should avoid to make sure you only have a stone on your finger, not anywhere else.

Kidney Stones

Oxalate rich food:

Kidney stones are said to be made of Oxalate, hence it is advisable to avoid oxalate rich food, lest you want the oxalate to be replaced by stone. Food such as spinach, rhubarb, okra, beet-root, kale, celery, soy milk, strawberries and Swiss chard should be avoided, also keep your vitamin C intake under a benchmark level, because even vitamin C can convert to oxalate.


According to the study conducted, Sardines are a big no for people who do not want kidney stones. Even though fishes are good for our eyes, they have high levelsof uric acid. If this acid is in high concentration on its way out, then the uric acid will convert to uric acid stone.

Red meat:

This might come as a shock to people who are meat-lovers. The excess consumption of red meat can lead to kidney stones for the same reasons sardines do, high uric acid. But it’s alright, you don’t need to completely restrict yourself from eating, just make sure you eat it once or twice a week and not on a daily basis.

Carbonated drinks:

The drink of the era, carbonated drink, is also classified as a substance that can lead to stones, the study done in the recent past have shown that it is better to stick to water or lemon juice, instead of consuming large amount of carbonated drinks.

Caffeine intake:

Following carbonated drinks are drinks with too much caffeine in them. There are a wide range of carbonated drinks with caffeine that you should avoid. Excess of caffeine can lead to excess of calcium intake, which can in turn trigger the formation of stones.

God said, ‘with faith, man can move mountains’. Those rocks weren’t the issue; the small ones are. So keep checking for these food items to avoid as gorge on your meals.



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