E-cigarettes can increase heart attack risk : Study reveals

E-cigarettes can increase heart attack risk

The aerosol exposure or without e-cigarette only tobacco smoke can increase the potential of atherosclerosis – a disease can lead to heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease, according to a study.

When atherosclerosis affects the arteries of the heart, known as coronary artery disease, a disease that more than 15 million Americans and causes 500,000 deaths every year.

E-cigarettes can increase heart attack risk: “Presently, we are not sure if e-cigarettes are not harmful soaps produce smoke like conventional cigarettes, but to generate an aerosol -. Steam the quality of indoor air contains change toxic aldehydes”, said Daniel J. Conklin  from Louisville University in the USA .

“In the laboratory ,the direct effects of these toxins were studied in cardiovascular disease,” Conklin said.

For the study, the researchers exposed a group of mice at different levels of aerosols E-cigarette tobacco smoke, tobacco smoke or produces snuff aldehyde.

Another group of mice was exposed to nicotine alone understand whether nicotine had no effect itself.

Not surprisingly, in agreement with previous studies that exposure to tobacco smoke increases the amount of atherosclerosis in mice. At the same time, the researchers found that an aerosol or E-cigarette without tobacco smoke exposure alone increases atherosclerosis.

“These studies show that a variety of components derived from snuff a possible cause of cardiovascular disease” said Conklin.



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