Cleanse and detox your lungs at home

Your lungs play a very important role in your body. Without the lungs, providing oxygen to the body, your many organs will simply cease to function and cause untimely death. It is, therefore, important that you care for them and keep them healthy. The lungs work round the clock helping you inhale oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

So, how do you care for your lungs? Detox! Yes, a lung cleanse can detoxify and cleanse the lining of your lungs and bronchial passages. The lungs and passages tend to accumulate a lot of toxins over time. They also need to be cleansed of all any harmful organisms or bacteria that may be residing in them.

Detox your lungs at home :

A detox will promote better lung functioning and rejuvenate your lungs, by clearing up all the mucus and improving air circulation.

You can cleanse your lungs at home as it is not a tedious task. Simple changes in what you eat and a few exercises can help detox the lungs.

Deep Breathing- When you breathe deeply, you will improve your lung capacity and help nourish your lungs with more oxygen. This in turn acts in strengthening your lungs and cleanses the air passages.

Castor oil pack– Some castor oil can do the trick. This is a remedy used since time immemorial to clear up your lungs. Castor oil helps suck out the toxins and eliminate them and thereby reduces inflammation and boosts lymphatic circulation.

  • Soak flannels of wool with castor oil.
  • Lie on a large plastic sheet.
  • Place the flannels on your chest covering your lungs.
  • Cover up the flannel with another plastic sheet.
  • Place a heating pad over it and relax for an hour or two.

Licorice- This potent herb can cleanse your lungs naturally with barely any side effects. It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the lungs. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help reduce irritation in the lungs and eases the symptoms of a sore throat.

Drop some licorice herb while sipping a cup of tea for yourself when you feel congested in the chest. This will help clear your chest almost instantly. You can also powder and consume the herb with honey for a week to detox your lungs.

Ginger– A culinary herb, the ginger has several chemicals in it that will help detox your lungs naturally. It eliminates the toxins settled in your lungs and air pathways and improves blood circulation.

Include ginger in your diet. Or, add an inch of it to your cup of tea to reap the benefits of this potent herb.



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