6 Best foods to boost male health

superfoods for mens

Ah food!For those of you who have seen the movie, ‘Ratatouille’, you would be familiar with the dialogue that goes, ‘Anyone can cook’. True or otherwise, not everyone can eat everything, especially men who are trying to maintain their health. So here’s a short write-up of food that ensures a boost in health.eat these foods to boost male health.



You know how they say, drops of water make up the ocean. It’s the same logic, it’s the small bits that matter. Almonds are an amazing treat for your body, especially for your heart, digestive system and skin. They have an abundance of vitamin E and vitamin E protects your body cells from damage.

Olive oil:olive oil

The use of Olive oil can help prevent your life from ‘slipping’ away. Enriched with 119 calories per tablespoon, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, which is an ideal food for people with a heart condition. Also, research has shown that the use of olive oil can prevent people from falling prey to the treacherous heart diseases.

Green tea:

green tea

We always start our day with a cup of coffee to help wake our brain up. Research has shown that excess of caffeine intake is not good for the heart. So, here’s a healthy replacement: Green tea. Green tea is like the superman of the medical world. It prevents the deadliest diseases, ranging from cancer, to Alzheimer’s. It also has miraculous participation in weight loss.



We all remember the Sachin Tendulkar ad, which was promoting the consumption of egg. Let’s take that as inspiration again and consider adding egg to our diet. Eggs are a gold mine for amino acid, which help in muscle building, also they have a vitamin called choline, which enables you to have a better memory power. Here’s the trick to remember your answers for your exams: Eggs.



The very first drink that we have when we enter the world. Milk, over the years proved that it has many nutritional values that are useful to the human body. Milk helps your body absorb calcium, which in-turn strengthens your bones. It also has a good amount of water molecule, that helps your body maintain its hydration.



Speaking of the water molecule, here’s an important liquid that helps you retain your life. They say you can survive without food for 2 weeks, but without water your body will lose control in 3 days. Water helps you absorb the nutrition which go in along with your food, also it helps regulate the fat in your body.

As you can see, all these are your everyday supermarket buys. You don’t need to tread any mountains to get these down your throat. So make an oath today, that you will buy only healthy and eat only healthy, for a healthier lifestyle.



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