5 surprising health benefits of the celery stalk

Your momma told you to chomp down those green leafy veggies. So, did you granny! No amount of praise does justice to celery stalks that is replete with fibre and other essential nutrients. It is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated green veggies of our times. Yes, it is bland, but it has health benefits that many delicious veggies lack.

weight loss

Aids weight loss- Each stalk of celery contains just 10 calories, this means eating celery if you are on a weight loss regimen helps. The fibre in the stalks of celery adds to the bulk in your digestive system. How does this help? The fibre begins to settle in the gut and your stomach tends to empty at a slower rate. This means you will feel full for a longer time.

Reduces inflammation

Reduces inflammation- Every, yes, every single stalk of celery has anti inflammatory properties. What does this mean? Consuming stalks of celery, reduce pain and discomfort due to inflammation. It also contains a compound that helps in the production of a hormone that is called cortisone that helps control inflammation.

Lowers High BP

Lowers High BP- Consuming potassium through salt is said to help regulate BP. The same holds good for celery. It helps bring down high BP by balancing the levels of sodium in the body. It also contains a compound that goes by the name phthalate, which is said to help relax the muscles of the arteries that carry blood to and from the heart. This literally means lower BP.

Hydrates the body

Hydrates the body- Celery constitutes 90-95% water, which helps keep your body hydrated. Like you may already know every cell in your body needs water to function properly. Consuming celery ensures your body remains hydrated always. This means you will no longer suffer from conditions like fatigue, dry skin, dizziness, thirst or muscle cramps. Not only will you feel less tired, but you will see remarkable changes in how your skin feels and looks.

Improves vision

Improves vision- A stalk a day, keeps the spectacle away. Rich in vitamin A, it helps improve your eye health. Celery also is rich in antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Consuming celery in your daily diet will keep you from developing eye conditions like cataracts and also other severe ailments such as macular degeneration, that can leave you blind for life.



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