5 factors that could be keeping you awake at night

Symptoms of awaking at night

Insomnia is one of the persistent problems from which millions of people in the world suffer. If there is a situation where you cannot get proper sleep for more than a month, it is time that you check the reasons for the same.

Here are some common factors that might be affecting your sleep at night:

  1. Shifting work–People who work in shifts often complain of sleep disturbances. The body’s circadian system gets disturbed in shift workers. The hormone serotonin that regulates sleep in humans is at a lower level in people who usually have jobs in shifts. Basically the human body runs on a biological clock and when that gets hampered, sleep disturbances are bound to happen.
  1. High levels of stress and anxiety–This is probably the most common reason of sleeplessness in the present times. Insomnia being a problem itself is also the cause of depression. Stressful situations like financial matters, health issues, marital problems etc can lead to lack of sleep and depression on the long run. Solutions must be found to overcome these situations as early as possible.

Insomnia factors

  1. Medical ailments–Various kinds of medical illnesses might lead to lack of sleep. For instance, patients with asthma or other lung problems might suffer from shortness of breath or wheezing hampering your sleep. Abnormal breathing problems might also lead to lack of sound sleep in individuals. Other than these, there are also various kinds of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s etc, which might cause sleeplessness as a side effect.
  1. Snoring–It is quite alarming to see that the numbers of chronic snorers in the USA are crossing 37 million. While most of the people ignore this as passé, snoring might be one of the main causes of sleeplessness. Snoring might be a strong symptom of sleep apnea. Other factors like high blood pressure, heart ailments etc can also cause snoring leading to improper sleep.
  1. High doses of caffeine–Caffeine consumption mainly takes place in the form of tea, coffee, soda, chocolates and so on. Many people are addicted to caffeine and they can drink umpteen cups of tea and coffee. It is true that these are great stimulants that help in concentrating and working for long hours, but after a certain extent, they take away sleep from the body. Nowadays decaffeinated drinks are also available, but they also contain lower doses of caffeine.

Causes of insomnia



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