4 Miraculous Home Remedies for Cold Feet


If you have poor blood circulation, it is likely that you will also suffer from cold feet. This stems from the fact that your feet begin to get cold when your legs do not get sufficient oxygen and blood supply. Once circulation improves, your feet will be back in shape!

Here are a few simple hacks that can help improve blood circulation in your feet.Try these Miraculous Home Remedies for Cold Feet

Massage them:

foot Massage

The simplest of tricks to improve blood circulation to your feet is a gentle warm oil massage. Warm some sesame oil and add a few drops of coconut or olive oil to it. Use this concoction to massage your feet before you hit the bed. Massage with the tips of your fingers exerting a little pressure. Wear cotton socks after the massage, and wash off only the next morning.



Yet another simple hack to remedy cold feet is none other than hydrotherapy. Alternate warm and cold soaks for best results. Fill up two deep basins with lukewarm water in one and cold water in another. First, soak your feet in one basin for a good 3 minutes, before you switch to the next. Alternating between the two basins, will improve blood circulation and reduce numbness and other such symptoms that accompany cold feet.

Epsom salt:

soaking feet in epsom salt

A soak in Epsom salt is no less than a blissful experience. Add a full teaspoon of Epsom salt in a bath of warm water and soak your feet in it. The warmth will improve blood circulation almost instantly. Magnesium present in the salt, will further promote blood circulation. Often a deficiency of magnesium causes cold feet.

Green Tea:

Green Tea

If you are a big fan of green tea, you will love that this tea can also help you cure cold feet. Simply down a few cups of green tea every day and you will see that your feet do not get cold like before. Drink at least 3 cups of green tea for best results.

soaking feet in green tea

You can also soak your feet in green tea seeped in warm water. Add a few used tea bags in a large basin of warm water and let it stay for ten minutes. Remove the bags and soak your feet in the basin for 15 minutes.

These simple tips in combination with simple feet exercises such as stretching and flexing will help reduce your feet from getting cold and shaky.



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